Changelog - March 17 2023

New Features

  • To ensure our users stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and enhancements to our product, we have implemented in-app announcements that display new features and updates within our application..
  • We have introduced the ability for distributors to impersonate service provider accounts.
  • As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience of our webstore, we have added an the option to include payment details as rich text, giving you greater flexibility and control over how you present payment options to your customers.
  • Furthermore, we have implemented a manual review step for orders received through the webstore. This allows service providers to verify order details before processing.
  • With the addition of Umbrella MSP support, we now offer Umbrella features to an even wider range of customers.
  • We have updated our single site dashboard page to include a tabbed view of all the status widgets.
  • Our service providers now have the ability to disable accounts. This means that they can prevent users from accessing their account, while still allowing the user's email to be reused to create a new account in the future. This new feature gives our service providers greater control and flexibility in managing user accounts on our platform.


  • We have relocated our existing firewall widgets from the SD-WAN page to a dedicated firewall page. The firewall page now features a tabbed view for configuring each SSID.
  • Our security dashboard analytics have been moved to a dedicated tab on the all sites dashboard page.
  • We've recently made an addition to our blueprint feature - a cancellation tab. This new tab allows you to set up a webhook or manual step for cancellation orders, giving you more control and flexibility in managing cancellations.

Fixes 🛠

  • Fixed the bug when creating a draft from a published version, there was no preview link to see the changes before publishing.
  • We have improved the user feedback and validation for the Umbrella DNS manual bind step.