Changelog - 16 Sep 2021

WiFi page has had a makeover 🙌🏻

  • UI changes for WiFi page. The WiFi page has had a makeover. Widgets are now arranged to align with customer interactions. Allowing for the user experience to be more seamless and manageable. ❤

  • Improved upload CSV process. A success modal with progress bar has been added to the upload CSV process. With a link to the orders page to help guide users on completion.
  • Capture MSP timezone in the first time wizard. Added timezone field to the onboarding wizard to set the timezone on the generated Meraki template.
  • Notify MSP when an order reaches a manual step. Send out an email notification when an order reaches a manual step to the MSP. This will remind the MSP that the order needs to be actioned before it can progress.
  • Notify MSP on new subscription order. Send out an email notification with the order details.
  • Guest WiFi is now available. Those who purchase an MR can get a guest WiFi licence with each MR. One guest WiFi licence is distributed with each MR.
  • Public WiFi licenses are now distributed with each MR. In sync with guest WiFi licenses.
  • Show a warning message when Guest WiFi is disabled. A warning message will appear above the guest WiFi users table when the guest WiFi is disabled. An indicator to remind the user to enable guest WiFi for users to gain access.
  • UI changes for Products page. The products page has had a mini makeover, to cater for future product configurator.
  • Added new audit logs widget. The MSP admin page has been updated to include an audit log widget. As part of the update, the MSP admin page has now been split into 3 tabs showing users, branding and logs. Giving the MSP user a more manageable user experience.

Bugs deleted!

  • Fixed a bug MSP where MSP order summary email does not show quantities. Email now displays the quantities properly.
  • Logging in with any URL should redirect you to a normal page. Or give you a 403 page.
  • Fixed a bug where choosing sync guest WiFi when using Meraki order claim affects subsequent orders. For new orders for existing customers, Guest WiFi licenses will only be given if the sync guest WiFi flag is set in the order.
  • Cache issue with WiFi portal is no longer a problem. Users can now see when they add a new language design instead of having to refresh the page.