Changelog - 20 Oct 2021

Our login page had a makeover. ❤

  • Login page has been updated. Our login page has had a makeover which now allows further customisation as well as sporting a new modern look.
  • Upload separate logos. Our branding page allows MSP users to upload separate email and login page logos. ❤
  • MSP dashboard page has been updated. MSP's can now view how many Meraki Switch and Meraki MX devices have been provisioned.
  • Additional support links are available. MSP users can now access support links for our WiFi, security, networking, SD-WAN and admin (all sites) pages.
  • Display AP name as MR mac address. Our MSP users will now see AP name as the MR mac address if an AP name is not set.
  • Updates to our onboarding wizard. Once an order is complete, the waiting screen will no longer switch to another screen if the wait time is greater than 2mins. And the current screen now shows a message that users will receive an email notification once the account is ready.
  • Improvements to SD-WAN web application settings. Updates have been made to the UI for a better experience.
  • When provisioning a customer, if there is an immediate allocation order. They will receive their activation email after that order is complete instead of before it begins.
  • Migrating an existing customer updates. You can now select from any valid configuration template in their organisation to use as the configuration template for the company.


  • Fixed a bug on the SD-WAN page.  MX ports with single LAN no longer shows the edit port icon, for updates.
  • Fixed a bug for the image cropper on logos. The controls are now accessible, even when the logo is resized to a smaller height.