One-stop orchestration, analytics and control

WiFi for the masses.


Manage thousands of sites with common or individualized settings.

Tiered access

Multiple authentication methods per captive portal.

Nested permissions

Delegate control of networks, segments and functions.

Millions of users.
No downtime.

Wireless Access Points
> 300k
We serve millions of WiFi sessions every day across the world.
Built on carrier-class AAA RADIUS and resilient infrastructure.

No-code custom WiFi experience

Create elegant, responsive, mobile friendly branded captive portals with Encapto WiFi’s no-code page builder. The platform’s modular approach makes it easy to add new elements such as screen advertising, data capture and rich media.

Easy to use
No-code editor
One platform to rule managed services

Over 1000+ possible managed service integrations


faster to market

Compared to a traditional rollout


fewer support calls

Self service saves you time and money.

Campaigns allow you to monetize your network

The most flexible, feature-rich and easy to use WiFi platform in the world.


Deliver campaigns to a captive audience with unskippable rich media on connection.


Campaigns can be scheduled and defined by location, audience metrics, and more.

Data capture

Add a survey to your campaign for deep visitor understanding and engagement.


Actionable insights from campaign views, data capture and WiFi usage.

"Encapto is a feature rich platform which gets the basics right so well. It’s handling large traffic volumes, provides full reporting, allows us to easily adjust time and download allowances, and we’re only just beginning to understand how we can use this platform to really understand and engage with airport visitors."

Michael Meloni
Digital Experience Manager, Queenstown Airport

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One platform for everything WiFi. Unmatched user engagement features, including scheduled and targeted content delivery, authentication options via a carrier class AAA, and an integration friendly modular approach and sophisticated API are just the beginning.

Public spaces

Making smarter cities. Encapto makes managing large networks easy and delivers the reports and insights that prove the value of a WiFi connected city.


Engaged fans. Connected staff. Encapto's cloud-based or onsite managed WiFi system seamlessly handles these competing demands to bring the best out of stadium WiFi, festival WiFi or event WiFi networks.


More than just internet access. Offering free public WiFi brings more customers through the door, and increases the duration of their visits and the size of their spend. Encapto's showroom WiFi engages customers in-store and lets retail WiFi owners continue that engagement after they have left.