Everything-as-a-Service is the opportunity of the decade.

Quickly stand-up compelling technology propositions.

Bigger margins at scale.

As networks grow, so does complexity. Streamline all aspects of your managed service operations, from selling and billing to provisioning and onboarding, using Encapto's workflow automation. By eliminating configuration errors and low-value human tasks, you keep your costs under control and your margins predictable, making your as-a-service offers price competitive.

Seamlessly transition to XaaS
Simplify your XaaS propositions
Workflows automate everything
Built-in vendor & PSA APIs

First-class customer experiences.

Encapto's simplified customer dashboard unites your managed service technologies under your brand in a single pane of glass. Illuminate proof of value and deliver an exceptional customer experience by helping your customers help themselves.

Simplify co-managed IT
Your own branded dashboards
Unify cross-vendor technologies
Reduce customer support burden

Sell outcomes. Not just more tech.

Managed services are fast becoming the primary buying model for IT services. Encapto helps you assemble multi-architecture as-a-service technology propositions and streamline your go to market with branded online web stores and assisted selling tools.

Instant eCommerce selling
Build recurring revenues
Improved cross-selling of your services
Leading billing integrations
Customise Encapto MSP to meet your customer needs and skillsets

High velocity managed services.

Encapto Unify

Amplify your customer experiences.

Encapto Command

Scale your business. Not your costs.

Encapto Sell

Sell more. Sell faster.

Encapto Connect

Partner with us.

Connecting millions of users worldwide.

We also make WiFi for the masses

One-stop orchestration, analytics and control

The most flexible, feature-rich and easy to use WiFi platform in the world.

No-code custom WiFi experience
Campaigns to monetize your network
Millions of users with no downtime.
No credit card required

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