Scale your managed service practice

Curate top-tier technology propositions with instant eCommerce, order management & subscription billing tools

Improve margins and time to revenues

Centralised MSP dashboard and automated provisioning workflows cut your deployment times and costs by up to 90%

Help customers help themselves

Improve customer experience and reduce calls to your helpdesk with our intuitive customer self-service dashboard

More profits. Less churn.

Designed with the non-technical customer in mind, Encapto’s intuitive self-service interface brings together cross-architectural technologies to improve customer outcomes, reduce your support burden, create stickiness and provides effortless up-sell opportunities. So sit back, relax, and let your customers look after themselves.

Easy to use
Upsell ability
Less support burden

Lightning fast provisioning.

Automated provisioning dramatically accelerates your speed to billing and ensures 100% configuration accuracy. So, you can focus on more important tasks. You just pick, scan and ship. Your customers plug and play. No more tedious manual processes.  

Easy integration
100% accuracy
Fully automated

Precise network controls.

Full visibility and control of the Cisco Meraki next-gen firewall features, including: WAN Connectivity status, Ports status and settings, and Web Application Control. Easily prioritise, set bandwidth limits or fully block network traffic for specific applications or an entire category.

Full visibility
Cisco Meraki
Web Application Controls
New revenue streams
Accelerate speed to market
Increase revenue per user
Improve profit margins
Reduce customer churn
Lower support burden
Endless Possibilities

Go to market instantly with out-of-the-box Cisco led technology bundles

Sold as Subscriptions
Intuitive Customer Experiences
In-App Cross-Selling
Customer Plug-&-Play

Build Your Own Branded Storefront

Design a branded storefront with your product catalogue so your customers can place orders on their own. Simple order flows allow you to upsell and cross-sell your products, add-ons, and unique offers.

Custom bundles
Customer self-service
To the MSPs of the future

Just Wait Til This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour


cost reduction via automation

As measured against a human operator


increased attach rates

For new products and services

Pay as you grow pricing

Pick an entry price that suits you. Then pay even less as you scale.

Priced in points
Every service or device you use has a point value attributed to it (eg an access point might be 7 points).
Points into dollars
A point has a corresponding dollar value depending on the plan you choose (eg 1 point might equal 17 cents).
Monthly invoice
Each month we add up all the points you've consumed and multiply that number by your price per point to calculate your invoice (eg an access point at 7 points each x 17 cents = $1.19 per device).
Your price per point becomes cheaper when you commit to consuming more points per month, or a commit to a longer term.

Everything is included.

Every plan includes every feature. Pick an entry price that suits you, then pay as you grow.

all prices in USD
from $280/mo
IT service provider transitioning to managed services a few customers at a time.
Includes 2,000 points / mo
from 14c per point overage
  • Premium support available
  • Training materials
  • Onboarding workshops
  • Professional services
  • Dedicated cluster
from $5,600/mo
Established MSP with hundreds of customers and thousands of devices.
Includes 50,000 points / mo
from 11.2c per point overage
  • Premium support included
  • Live training
  • Onboarding workshops
  • Professional services
  • Dedicated cluster
Call us
Dedicated instance to integrate many thousands of customers.
Call us to discuss a tailored pricing plan to suit your business.
  • Premium support included
  • Live training
  • Onboarding workshops
  • Professional services
  • Dedicated cluster

Every plan includes the kitchen sink.

MSP Dashboard

Operations and support teams can view provisioning, network and usage information in real time from one interface.

Impersonate Users

See what your customers see, enabling you to provide accurate and timely support.

Order Management

Reduce operational costs by automating your provisioning, ordering and billing processes.

Roles and Permissions

Allow different people to do different things by assigning different roles and permissions as you see fit.

Inventory Management

Save hours of manual effort by making changes that apply to an entire fleet of infrastructure with just one click of a button.


Add your logo and colour palette throughout and deliver a cohesive experience to your customers.

Customer Management

Easily manage customer inventory across multiple sites and see exactly where everything is at all times.

Product Creation Tools

Use our wizard to create packages and sell to your customers in our built in webstore.

“Encapto brings Cisco’s cross-architectural portfolio to life as truly integrated technology solutions.

Encapto’s flexible intuitive interface provides a delightful, sophisticated interface for IT service provider operators, customer administrators and end-users alike.”

Cisco-as-a-Service team