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Sign up to Encapto MSP by clicking the Get Started button. You'll be sent a welcome email, and our team will set up your Encapto MSP and helpdesk accounts. You'll be automatically started on a 30 day free trial where you can start deploying right away with no commitments or credit cards. Once you've had some time to explore, you'll be able to choose a plan that suits you.


Connect your Meraki Organisation

Encapto MSP provides deep integration with Meraki for automated provisioning and right-sized dashboards for different customer needs. All we need to get started is an API Key for your Meraki account. We recommend creating a specific 'EncaptoRobot' Meraki account to be able to control access to which organisations Encapto MSP has access to. After that, Encapto MSP does just about everything else for you!


Create your customers

Simply upload a CSV of your customers and Meraki order numbers. Encapto will automatically create your branded self-service Encapto MSP dashboard for each of your customers and send them an activation email to get started. When you customers log in, their Meraki devices and licenses will be ready to go.

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