Amplify your customer experiences with a unified managed service interface.

Help customers help themselves.

Today's customers prefer self-service over calling or emailing for support, saving time in support queues or waiting for an email response. Encapto Unify brings together your managed service technologies in a single portal, exposing just the right features your customers need while highlighting cherry-picked metrics that prove service and value.

Instantly switch on simplified customer interfaces for customer self-service.

Rolls Royce engine. Easy as riding a bike.

Cherry picked functionality to serve your customers

Designed with the non-technical customer in mind, Encapto’s intuitive self-service interface brings together cross-architectural technologies to improve customer outcomes, reduce your support burden, create stickiness and provide effortless up-sell opportunities. So sit back, relax, and let your customers look after themselves.

Easy to use
Upsell and cross-sell
Lower support burden

Precise network controls.

Full visibility and control of the Cisco Meraki next-gen firewall features, including: WAN Connectivity status, Ports status and settings, and Web Application Control. Easily prioritise, set bandwidth limits or fully block network traffic for specific applications or an entire category.

Full visibility
Cisco Meraki
Web application controls

Brand it your way

Add your logo and colour palette throughout the portal and Encapto MSP automated emails to deliver a cohesive experience to your customers. They won't even know we exist.

White label
Branded portal
Customers love it
The proof is in the pudding.

Show proof of value and proof of service

Vendors and MSPs are great at delivering services but aren’t good at visually demonstrating what they do for customers.

Tailored customer experience

Your customer's portal is dynamically tailored to their needs based on their inventory of technology. See important information and business critical analytics at a glance.

Important information
Tailored to your needs
Critical Analytics

Give your customers the power they want need.

Illuminate Proof of Value
MSP branded portal
Just right access for skillset
Customer Co-Management
Multi-site support
Granular permissions
Sales without customer service is like stuffing money into a pocket full of holes.

Self-service reduces support calls by >25%+

Impersonate your customers

Walk a mile in your customer's shoes. See what they see, enabling you to provide accurate and timely support.

Encapto Sell

Sell more. Sell faster.

Encapto Command

Scale your business. Not your costs.

Let’s build the managed services future together