A branded customer portal for Cisco-led services

Encapto Unify customer portal brings together all your managed service technologies under your unique brand, providing a single pane of glass for easy access. With Unify, you can offer your end customers granular control over Cisco Meraki and Umbrella, exposing just the right features your customers need while highlighting cherry-picked metrics that provide proof of service and value.

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Differentiate your
managed service

Don't be just another reseller; Stand out by providing your customers with a custom management portal that prominently features your brand. Simply upload your logo and company colour and Unify does the rest.

Illuminated proof of value

Unify makes it easy to highlight the value you deliver to your customers. Provide simplified views to monitor the status of networks or cherry-picked Umbrella security metrics to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

No more Meraki dashboard access dilemmas

Unify gives your customers access to simple self-management features from the Meraki dashboard without the need of providing access to dashboard itself. Empower your customers to self-manage without the risk of them making network-breaking changes.

Distil multiple Cisco dashboards into one

Unify integrates with other Cisco technologies such as Umbrella. Bringing together the power of Cisco Meraki and Umbrella in a single pane of glass. Give your customers a more streamlined and cohesive experience.

Your own branded customer portal

Take your managed service to the next level and provide your customers with the Unify portal, customized with your branding.

Add your logo and colour palette throughout the portal and automated emails to deliver a cohesive experience to your customers.

Metrics at a glance

Designed with the non-technical customer in mind, Unify provides your customers with a landing page where they can see important metrics and status information about their services. All your Cisco-led technologies, in one place, presented with your brand at the forefront.

Simple, safe co-management

You still have the full power of the Meraki dashboard - Unify gives restricted, customisable controls to your customers. Empower them to make safe, simple changes that won’t bring their network down, reducing change requests and overhead on your own technical staff.

Empowering the WFH revolution

With Unify, your customers can easily set up and manage remote worker users, delegate tasks for self-administration and more. Pair Unify with Cisco Umbrella to enable remote workers the ability to self-register. All by simply downloading a personalised client from their own Unify portal.

Precise network controls.

Full visibility and control of the Cisco Meraki next-gen firewall features, including: WAN Connectivity status, Ports status and settings, and Web Application Control. Easily prioritise, set bandwidth limits or fully block network traffic for specific applications or an entire category.

Works great with Cisco Meraki

Here’s a sample of what Unify can allow your customers to do safely.

Meraki MX

  • Manage layer 7 application rules
  • See site-to-site VPN connections

Meraki MR

  • Manage Guest WiFi users
  • Manage SSID names and passwords (for chosen SSIDs)

Meraki Switch

  • See which devices are connected on which ports
  • Cycle and configure particular ports chosen by you (if any).
  • See switch stacks

Meraki MV

  • Support for multiple cameras per site
  • View analytics and snapshots

All Devices

  • View Device Statuses
  • View Connected clients
  • View Network usage
  • View Network topology
  • Add their own tags (but also unable to change yours)
  • Manage ports

Better together with Unify

Pair Unify with other Encapto modules and products to further enhance your managed service offering.

Cisco Umbrella module

  • View security metrics and proof of value
  • Apply policies (but not change them)
  • Create remote workers, and download the client straight from the portal
  • Automatically integrate with MX/Z3 (when paired with Encapto Command)

Encapto Command

  • Smart, customisable automated provisioning
  • In-depth support for Meraki and Umbrella out of the box
  • Supercharge your Meraki templates with extended functionality when paired with blueprints

Encapto Sell

  • Sell outcome-based bundles to your customers.
  • Dynamic bundle builder - create bundles with conditions on their contents.
  • Create a guided flow with relevant upgrade and cross-sell options.

Custom Modules

The Encapto stack is highly modular and designed for customisation. Talk to us about adding your own widgets to Unify to really differentiate your offerings

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Here are some common questions we get about Unify. If there is anything that isn't covered here, get in touch.

How does Unify work?
Unify needs a Meraki API key - and then you can onboard customers either one-by-one, or in bulk via CSV.
Can we customise what customers are allowed to do?
Yes - you can even give different customers different permissions.
Is Unify GDPR compliant?
Yes - we are fully GDPR compliant.
Does Unify replace the Meraki dashboard?
Unify does not replace the Meraki dashboard for partners - it works with it. The idea is, your engineers still use the Meraki dashboard, and all its power - but you give Unify to your customers for a branded, simplified experience.
Where is Unify hosted?
We have several clusters around the world, including Europe and the US. We also have self-hosting options available.
Does Unify support single-sign on?
Yes! We support SAML for SSO.
How is Unify priced?
Unify is charged monthly according to the number of devices under management. We have discounts available for large volumes and annual commitments.
Can I get a demo?
We’d love to give you a demo - get in touch with our sales team here: sales@encapto.com

Encapto Sell

Service creation, quoting and tracking for Cisco-led services

Encapto Command

End-to-end managed service automation for Cisco-led service

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