Changelog - 18 Feb 2022

Enhancements 🌟

  • SMS OTP is now available as a login method. Customers can now choose SMS OTP as an option for WiFi authentication. 🙌🏻 Let us know if you would like to set this up for your customers.
  • All active SSIDs are now shown on the Wifi Page. ❤️
  • You can manually trigger activation emails when migrating customers, so you can validate their dashboard before handing it over.
  • New device replacement order flow when devices have already been replaced in the Meraki dashboard.
  • Enhanced site selection drop-down, it now remembers previously selected sites.
  • Our permissions feature has been enhanced. To provide more control when delegating permissions. Stay tuned for a major upgrade soon!
  • Meraki device now has a location. When provisioning, the location of the device in the Meraki dashboard will now be set as the site location.


  • We no longer show Meraki MX status widgets. Where there is no attached MX device.
  • We have hidden menu items for sites. Where there is no device allocated.
  • Minor bug fixes.