Changelog - 4 Oct 2021

In-app help links are now available  ⁉️

  • Help button added to Navigation bar.  The MSP customer and products admin pages now have help links to Encapto's support pages (top right help icon). This allows quick access to Encapo's support pages within Encapto MSP.
  • Auto turn on and configure SSIDs for public and guest WiFi on sync. If public WiFi or Guest WiFi is enabled when synching existing customers, the SSIDs will be automatically be appropriately configured and enabled.
  • Audit log has a notification service setting. The usage report generates every month. When the report is generated, the notification for the report will be sent to the service provider. If no email address has been provided, then the notification will not be sent but the reports will still be available on the admin dashboard.
  • Inventory details for subscriptions to shows model numbers. The inventory tab in subscription details now shows the model numbers of the inventory items.
  • SD-WAN web applications widget no longer shows the uplink preference column. The uplink preference details are no longer available from Meraki, a UI update has been made to remove this column.


  • Stability improvement to Meraki Sync. When creating additional sites from Encapto MSP**.**
  • Fixed a UI bug for displaying disabled items in drop-down buttons. Users can now easily differentiate between disabled and enabled menu items in drop-down buttons.