Changelog - 30 Nov 2021

The MR AP list shows mesh status 🙌🏻

  • Our MR AP list now shows the mesh status. Users can visually see the status of their AP or APs. ❤
  • MSP administrators can create Merchant users. Create and update user details including their email address details.
  • Upload branding assets when on-boarding customers. Select the login logo and email logo has now as part of the on-boarding customers process. Making on-boarding customers a more seamless and time saving experience.  🖌
  • Meraki Sync Orders now allows the user to cancel the order. If users do not want to alter their existing Meraki networks, they can cancel this order process. A new tab to show cancelled orders has been added to the orders widget.
  • Improved switch list loading performance. The page and performance of switches loads faster than previously.
  • Set URL redirects on campaigns. You have the option to redirect your users for image or video campaigns to a URL of your choice.

Performance enhancements and fixes 🙌🏻

  • Improved performance of Meraki provisioning. ❤
  • Minor bug fixes.