Changelog - 17 April 2024


  • Sync process: Sites are now removed during our process if their corresponding Meraki network no longer exist.
  • The sync process is now read-only. Any non-combined networks (secure connect) will now be skipped in our process.
  • Improved order management: Introducing a new 'Warnings' tab in our orders table, filtering orders with any associated warnings for easier identification and resolution.
  • Introducing the 'Manage' page for customers, featuring a convenient table view of sites and inventory. Customers have the ability to easily oversee and manage their own sites and view inventory details.
  • We've relocated the 'Link' page to the customer section, making it easier for you to import existing customers from Meraki dashboard.

Bug Fixes 🛠️

  • Fixed issues with Encapto wifi on resync when moving devices between networks.
  • Fixed bug where sync fails if Meraki organisation name has been updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.