Curate and sell everything-as-a-service IT subscriptions.

Sell more. Sell quicker.

Build your own branded webstore.

Build vertical-focused IT bundles
Cross-selling drives revenues
Increase attach rates for new services
"Fries, drink + upsize" package selling
Subscription based selling
Automated, plug & play configuration
Rapidly go to market

Service new markets that were otherwise too difficult by bundling technologies as verticalised business outcomes, making them easy to understand.

Increase revenue per user

Bundled propositions with cross-selling suggestions improve share of wallet and put the customer in control.

Bigger margins

Automated sale to provision to support reduces burden on cross-department processes.

Your own digital platform without the cost or complexity

Up front cost with Encapto
Up front cost to build it yourself
Increase attach rates with in-built cross-selling to drive revenues

Easily bundle Cisco-led solutions

Create and sell your own plans and add-ons

Today's customer wants outcomes over ownership. They expect constant improvement and offers that further support their business, purchased as and when needed, on a monthly subscription. Easily create and sell business outcomes from supported Cisco managed-ready IT and bolt on your in-house products and services.

as-a-service selling
Wizard driven setup
Verticalise your propositions

Cross-sell to drive more revenue

Increase attach rates and drive revenues with in-built cross-selling. Assign price (once-off and recurring), SKU & product inventory and define cross-sell matrix tied to offers. And, easily link created products to golden configuration templates in Cisco Meraki and Umbrella for automated provisioning.

Automated order provisioning
Subscription ready tech
Flexible pricing

Build a branded storefront

Design a branded storefront with your product catalogue so your customers can place orders on their own. Simple order flows allow you to upsell and cross-sell your products, add-ons, and unique offers.

Custom bundles
Customer self-service

Order capture

Capturing product orders is easy via API, CSV, or your Webstore. Once an order is captured, Encapto automatically creates the customer's details and subscription record, and triggers the automated fulfillment process.

API, CSV, Webstore
Automated provisioning

Order fulfilment

When you receive a storefront order, it triggers automated provisioning for supported Cisco managed-ready IT and sends notifications to your operations teams for any unsupported manual tasks. Encapto automates just about everything and tracks all the steps along the way.

Cisco Meraki and Umbrella Automation
Tracked order creation steps
Manual fulfilment notifications

Customer management

Keep track of customer details, manage subscriptions and view service inventories. Integrates with third-party billing systems and PSA.

Subscription management
Track purchases & inventory
PSA & billing integrations

Encapto Connect

Partner with us.

Encapto Unify

Amplify your customer experiences.

Endless Possibilities

Go to market instantly with out-of-the-box Cisco led technology bundles

Sold as Subscriptions
Intuitive Customer Experiences
In-App Cross-Selling
Customer Plug-&-Play

Let’s build the managed services future together