End-to-end managed service automation for Cisco-led services

Encapto Command helps with the automation of managed services. Enhance your Meraki templates and automate the deployments of 1000's of networks using advanced workflows. Command takes complete care of order fulfilment end to end. It manages external systems, allows warehousing staff to configure, attach and ship hardware and automatically notify customers of order progress.

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No more humans for tedious processes

Command’s automated IT provisioning significantly reduces repetitive, low-value configuration tasks and ensures 100% configuration accuracy. Engineers can focus on more value-adding tasks. You just pick, scan and ship. Your customers plug and play— no more tedious manual provisioning.

Supercharge your Meraki templates

Command takes your Meraki configuration templates to the next level. Create dynamic blueprints to create custom logic that refines the Meraki configuration process; integrate with other systems or even add manual steps into provisioning customer networks and services.

Centralise your managed service integrations

Connect your vendor clouds and start optimising MSP processes, such as RMAs, hardware allocations and default configuration templates for your managed propositions.

Scale your business. Not your costs

With a pay-as-you-go commercial model, you will only pay a small fee when you provision your customers networks whilst reducing your operational costs by up to 80%.

Your helping hand in automation

Streamline and refine your managed service deployment with Commands suite of automation tools and modules.

Configure large, complex rollouts in minutes. Error-free, every time.

Eliminate configuration errors and low-value human tasks. Command helps keep your service provisioning costs under control and your margins predictable, making your as-a-service offers price competitive. Roll out full networks faster and cheaper than ever.

Streamline and automate your existing workflows

Use Command to capture additional data from customers. Create Blueprints that leverage custom fields to further automate your provisioning and order workflows. No more manual effort from your staff.

Works great with Cisco Meraki

Here’s a sample of what Command can help automate.

  • Create customer organisations and networks based off a template
  • Claim Meraki orders
  • Allocate devices into networks
  • Dynamically generate SSIDs names
  • Automatically randomise SSID passwords
  • Automatically link MX/Z3 to Umbrella SIG/DNS
  • Use Blueprints with our built-in Meraki presets to capture customer fields and drive custom workflows, for instance:
    • Configure hub/spoke site-to-site VPN
    • Configure VLANs
    • Configure firewall rules

Better together with Command

Pair Command with other Encapto modules and products to further enhance your managed service offering.

Cisco Umbrella module

  • Automatically integrate with MX/Z3
  • Automatically procure and assign licenses

Encapto Unify

  • Branded customer portal for Cisco-led services
  • At a glance metrics for illuminated proof of value
  • Customers can co-manage and make simple changes safely.
  • You still have the full power of the Meraki dashboard - Encapto Unify gives restricted controls to your customers.
  • Search for Encapto Unify in the Meraki Marketplace for more information

Encapto Sell

  • Sell outcome-based bundles to your customers.
  • Dynamic bundle builder - create bundles with conditions on their contents.
  • Create a guided flow with relevant upgrade and cross-sell options.

Integrate with Command

Use ‘webhooks’ from blueprints to integrate with custom systems. Configured webhooks can be triggered for different scenarios - Command will notify the custom system along the way.

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Here are some common questions we get about Command. If there is anything that isn't covered here, get in touch.

How does Command work?
Command needs a Meraki API key - and then you can onboard customers either one-by-one, or in bulk via CSV.
Is Unify GDPR compliant?
Yes - we are fully GDPR compliant.
Does Command replace the Meraki dashboard?
Command does not replace the Meraki dashboard for partners - it works with it. Use Command to automate repetitive tasks and Command will update Meraki via APIs.
Where is Command hosted?
We have several clusters around the world, including Europe and the US. We also have self-hosting options available.
How is Command priced?
Command is charged monthly according to the number of provisioning orders per month. We have discounts available for large volumes and annual commitments.
Can I get a demo?
We’d love to give you a demo - get in touch with our sales team here: sales@encapto.com

Encapto Sell

Service creation, quoting and tracking for Cisco-led services

Encapto Unify

A branded customer portal for Cisco-led services

Let’s build the managed services future together