Accelerated end-to-end managed service creation.

Scale your business. Not your costs.

IT resources are scarce and expensive, so it has never been more critical to optimise the use of this valuable resource.  Encapto is your helping hand in the automation of managed service delivery, eliminating much of the low-value configuration tasks often assigned to your technicians and allowing you to free up your IT talent to work on more value-adding tasks.

End to end managed service automation

Curate top-tier technology propositions with instant eCommerce, order management & subscription billing tools.

Built in support for managed ready tech

Centralised MSP portal and automated provisioning workflows cut your deployment times and costs by up to 90%.

Automated billing and customer onboarding

Automated sale to provision to support reduces burden on cross-department processes and calls to your helpdesk.

Encapto MSP simplifies billing and operations for Cisco led IT services

Unlock the full SMB opportunity. Fast.

Lightning fast provisioning

Automated IT provisioning significantly reduces repetitive, low-value configuration tasks and ensures 100% configuration accuracy. So engineers can focus on more value-adding tasks. You just pick, scan and ship. Your customers plug and play—no more tedious manual processes.

Easy vendor integrations
Improve margins
100% accuracy
Templated vendor configs

Multi-site management

Multi-site management allows you to customise each site to suit your needs. Whether that is setting up WiFi hotspots, configuring security settings, or managing hardware. All sites can be managed from Encapto MSP.

Track site inventory
Improved tenancy control
Easy asset allocation

Manage vendor integrations.

Encapto Command centralises your managed service integrations. Connect your vendor clouds and start optimising MSP processes, such as RMAs, hardware allocations and default configuration templates for your managed propositions.

Add vendor APIs
Allocate hardware to sites
Configure default templates
Built for scale.

Unparalleled support tools.

Help customers help themselves

Encapto Command provides granular control over supported vendor integrations to deliver exacting customer self-service functionality. Cherry-pick functionality, create users, add permissions or introduce multi-tenancy over and above what the vendor offers.

Restrict breaking changes
Improve permission sets
Verticalize customer views

User management

User management gives you to the ability to grant dashboard permissions to your customers at a granular level. User impersonation allows you to see what they see, providing rapid customer support.

Granular permissions
Impersonate customers

One click to make mass changes

Save hours of manual effort by making changes that apply to an entire fleet of infrastructure, including on your products, plans and customer sites in just one click.

Custom workflows
Audit trail logs

A single pane of glass. Not a pain in the...


Manage thousands of sites with common or individualized settings.

Roles and permissions

Allow different people to do different tasks by assigning roles and permissions as you see fit.

Customer permissions

Set what your customers are allowed to see and control on their portals separate to the MSP staff's permissions.

Templatised configs

Templatised, error-free configuration automation at your fingertips.

Inventory management

Adding devices to the inventory manager allows you to quickly link them to products that you sell as plans or add-ons whenever you configure them.

Bulk changes

Save hours of manual effort by making changes that apply to an entire fleet of infrastructure with just one click of a button.

Custom workflows

Use Encapto Blueprint to add custom automated steps to your order fulfilment process.

Audit logs

Monitor user events with time and request data. Generate logs for a specific period or get it automatically at the end of each month.1

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