One-stop orchestration, analytics and control for your WiFi

Our platform is built by WiFi experts with ten years’ experience in building sophisticated WiFi networks.

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Encapto WiFi brings one-stop orchestration, analytics and control for your WiFi
Build a custom wifi experience with Encapto WiFi

Build a Custom WiFi Experience

Create elegant, responsive, mobile friendly branded captive portals with Encapto WiFi’s Portal Builder. The platform’s modular approach makes adding new elements – from full screen advertising through data capture and portals – easy.

No coding required

Millions of concurrent users with zero downtime.

We serve millions of WiFi sessions every month across the world. Encapto WiFi is built on carrier-class AAA RADIUS and hosted on Amazon’s AWS cloud, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee

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Encapto WiFi serves millions of wifi sessions every month across the world

More than just WiFi

The most flexible, feature-rich and easy to use WiFi platform in the world.

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Customer Stories
Encapto is a feature rich platform which gets the basics right so well.
It’s handling large traffic volumes, provides full reporting, allows us to easily adjust time and download allowances, and we’re only just beginning to understand how we can use this platform to really understand and engage with airport visitors.
Michael Meloni
Digital Experience Manager, Queenstown Airport
We required so many different types of access for different user groups, as well as multiple user journeys for the different stakeholders. Nothing else in the marketplace comes close.
Nick Boby
Managing Director, MyComms3
With Encapto we delivered a range of responsive branded portals, tiered access for artists, VIPs, festival goers and staff, and in a very short time frame. We just couldn’t have done it with anything else
Kamie Ang
Managing Director, TSG

Our most commonly asked questions.

What user reporting is provided?

Encapto provides the most sophisticated user and system reporting on the market. Data items include time spent online, new and repeat users, upload and download, popular sites, and more.

What monetization options does Encapto WiFi offer?

Encapto enables you to set up paid WiFi access using unique access codes, which can be printed and sold, credit card access, and allows you to deploy advertising via the Encapto Campaign module.

Does Encapto WiFi provide content filtering options?

Encapto content filtering blocks access to certain websites using DNS requests. Four levels of content filtering are available via Encapto’s Cloud Deck for Mikrotik devices, which are labelled High, Medium, Low and None.

Does Encapto WiFi comply with legal requirements for providing WiFi services?

Yes, Encapto WiFi enables the secure capture and retention of user data and offers a range of user verification features that enable compliance with all known regulatory environments in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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