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Encapto users and partners can access more information and technical and operational support via the Encapto Support Portal and the Partner Portal.


What is Encapto WiFi?

Encapto WiFi is a one-stop configuration, management, reporting and control system for your WiFi network. It is built by Wifi integrators, for WiFi integrators and brings together all of the elements required to make the smartest WiFi network: a rich array of authentication methods, monetization options, sophisticated rate and download controls, user management and content filtering.


What WiFi hardware does Encapto WiFi support?

Encapto supports a range of quality vendor hardware, including Ruckus, Cisco and Aruba. Encapto can be deployed directly to many systems, but for extra control and functionality, we recommend also using an Encapto Gateway device.

Can I use Encapto on an existing WiFi network?

Yes, Encapto is compatible with most existing WiFi networks. For more information, get in touch with a local partner, or contact us direct.

Can I use a Encapto powered router for other network applications?

Yes, Encapto will allow you to configure multiple interfaces on a range of Encapto powered routers. So you can use the same device to run multiple services such as digital signage, POS applications and other network services.

Does Encapto WiFi require specialized hardware?

Encapto can be deployed directly from the cloud without specialized hardware. However, for extra control and functionality, we recommend also using a Encapto Gateway device.


Can I conduct surveys over Encapto WiFi?

Yes, Encapto offers fully customisable surveys as a standard authentication method or surveys can be deployed as an option from a WiFi captive portal page. Encapto also offers a range of standard questions such as age, gender, email address.

What user reporting is provided?

Encapto provides the most sophisticated user and system reporting on the market. Data items include time spent online, new and repeat users, upload and download, popular sites, and more. And data from surveys and social media logins can also be viewed for extra demographic insight into your visitors.

What monetization options does Encapto WiFi offer?

Encapto enables you to set up paid WiFi access using unique access codes, which can be printed and sold, credit card access, and allows you to deploy advertising via the Encapto Campaign module. These options can even be used in combination.

What do I need to do to charge for WiFi Access?

If you want to sell access via codes using your own payment system, you’re good to go. Just generate the codes and print them on your favourite stationery. If you want to charge end users via credit card, the minimum you’ll need is a Paypal account. If you’re selling in larger volumes you’ll need to get a merchant account. Encapto integrates seamlessly with a range of payment gateways.

What access methods can I offer my end users?

Encapto offers a range of access methods from simple click to get online to data collection and social media login.

Can I run different access methods at the same time on a single hotspot?

Yes, you can run as many access methods as you wish on a single network. And each authentication method can have its own download, time and rate limits applied so you can give extra speed, data and time online to those special visitors.

Does Encapto WiFi enable social media login?

Yes, we currently enable both facebook and twitter login so you can get your loyal visitors to spread the word about you.


Can I integrate with WiFi location based services?

Encapto's Locate module offers a sophisticated analytics and can be quickly and easily integrated with Ruckus' SPoT and Cisco MSE.


Does Encapto WiFi comply with legal requirements for providing WiFi services?

Yes, Encapto WiFi enables the secure capture and retention of user data and offers a range of user verification features that enable compliance with all known regulatory environments in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Does Encapto WiFi provide content filtering?

Yes, Encapto offers three levels of content filtering as standard. And if you require custom filtering, we can also enable that.

Can I use my own terms and conditions?

Yes. In fact, we insist. Encapto provides you with all the tools you need to run a quality and legally sound WiFi network and let you get on with supplying it.


What is the pricing model for Encapto WiFi?

A range of licensing arrangements are offered on a per concurrent user basis. The smallest concurrent user band is 10 users, suitable for small businesses. We also offer per access point pricing when integrating with WiFi vendors for large businesses.

Is it more costly if I have multiple sites?

No, Encapto pricing is based on a maximum number of concurrent users only.

What if I go over my concurrent user limit?

We will notify you if you go over your current limit and advise on upgrading your licence.

What payment options are available for Encapto WiFi?

Encapto can be billed on a monthly or yearly basis in advance. Discounts are offered for multi-year licences.

What if I need extra capacity over a shorter time period?

Encapto offers event licences for short-term predictable peaks in WiFi usage.

Do I need technical assistance to set up Encapto WiFi?

Some networking knowledge is required to set up Encapto WiFi. If you’d like to understand how it works, we suggest you contact us for a free trial or get in touch with a local integrator or distributor.


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