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Technology Partners

We know that to make the most of your WiFi system, we need to make sure it works in harmony with your other systems.

So whether it's a CRM, a leading WLAN vendor or a payment gateway provider, we work hard on integrating Encapto with the applications that really make it hum.

If you're a technology provider and you think we could work together, get in touch on our Join Us page. Otherwise, explore the people we're already working with below.

Supported WLAN Vendors

A real mover in IoT and mobile edge technologies, we integrate via an inline Encapto powered Mikrotik gateway to make Aruba WiFi networks hum.

A long time leader in point to point wireless, Cambium's move into quality and affordable WiFi was one we couldn't ignore. So we integrated with them.

Operate Ruckus’ WLAN control features from our Cloud Deck interface to bring together the best high density wireless with the best user engagement features around.

Encapto loves the internet. The internet is made of Cisco gear (mostly). Ergo, Encapto loves Cisco gear. Or at the very least, we speak nicely to it at all times.

With Mikrotik it’s all about the gateway.
And Encapto lets you configure the whole device from the Cloud Deck. Whack it inline with any WiFi network and you’ll have a system that really flies.

Cloud managed and the SME darling, Meraki and Encapto are a natural fit. Easily configured to converse with your Meraki Cloud to bring the Encapto edge to your network.

Property Management

With one of the most fully featured hotel property management systems around, Oracle's Opera is the first cab off the rank for Encapto integration. Allowing simple application of Encapto time online, data and speed limits based on Opera booking data, our Opera integration makes for seamless guest WiFi onboarding in hotel environments.


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