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Encapto WiFi is the most flexible, feature-rich and easy to use WiFi system in the world.

We serve everyone from integrators looking to deploy and manage large municipal networks, to café owners after a low cost, high value WiFi system for their customers.

We know WiFi management, because the same people who built Encapto spent years creating some of the world's best public WiFi networks. Encapto takes the smarts developed in the incubator of Australia's leading WiFi integrator – Easyweb Digital – and makes them available to the world.

We know what works and what doesn't, and we know what people want from WiFi.

At Encapto we put all of our effort into two things: making better WiFi systems and providing the best support we can for our clients. When we're not buried in the design and build process or talking someone through the latest Encapto system, we're probably reading up on technology developments or hatching ideas over table tennis.

From its beginnings as a proprietary product in 2011, Encapto WiFi was released to the world in 2015 and has already developed an impressive and growing client base.

Encapto. WiFi Your Way.


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