March 2, 2017

Encapto has signed up to showcase our smart WiFi products at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) in London.

Kicking off on May 8th, the two-day expo will bring together world leaders in retail technology – from interactive digital display specialists to innovators in the payment system space.

Guest WiFi is becoming a key platform by which to enhance the onsite retail experience, providing a channel for shopper engagement, linking bricks and mortar with online operations and providing invaluable insight into shopper behavior.

The team at Encapto has been working hard on features which enhance shopper experience and is building an impressive portfolio of retail clients as a result – from leading British pub chain Marston’s through to McDonald’s via our India’s newest mobile carrier, Reliance Jio.

Our Campaign module delivers un-skip-able media on connect to an Encapto enabled WiFi network, for in-store shopper engagement. Campaigns can also include custom branded portals and surveys with sophisticated scheduling and targeting features providing maximum ROI on a per shopper basis.

Social media and email verified sign on enable retailers to build a picture of their clients and keep in touch via mailing lists.

But the key to success, according to Chris Evans, EMEA Sales Director, is in Encapto’s ability to connect with third party systems.

“You can deliver rich targeted content via the WiFi,” says Chris, “and at the same time use the Encapto API to integrate with a CRM, loyalty program or Sales system.”

“Suddenly you can incorporate WiFi into a multi-channel marketing campaign – trigger an email or an SMS when a known customer enters the store.”

Chris is looking forward to being on hand at the RBTE Expo, spreading the word about Encapto and its benefits for the retail sector.

“It’s always a great event,” says Chris, “and it’s a market that is ready to embrace what Encapto has to offer.”

Encapto is on booth 1607.

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