March 8, 2017

MUM - Milan, March 30-31

We’re taking the plunge and getting involved in the upcoming Mikrotik User Meeting in Milan. As big Mikrotik (and alliteration) fans, the conference provides the perfect opportunity to show just what the two technologies can bring to a WiFi network.

The Mikrotik User Meeting kicks off on 30 March, bringing together some of the world’s top Mikrotik experts for two days of ideas exchange.

It’s no secret that Encapto’s smart WiFi platform has been built around another smart technology – Mikrotik’s range of sophisticated routers. Cloud Core and Routerboard devices continue to enable the full suite of Encapto features with simple, single pane configuration from the Cloud Deck. And the devices can be installed as an inline gateway to provide advanced control of networks from any WiFi vendor.

It’s the perfect solution to addressing the gap as major WiFi vendors come to terms with the growing importance of guest WiFi networking.

Encapto EMEA Sales Director, Chris Evans, will be on hand at the meeting to spread the word on what Encapto can achieve and answer questions from Mikrotik users looking to enter or enhance their position in the managed WiFi space.

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