July 7, 2017

Silverstone is to implement a sophisticated multi-tiered Encapto WiFi solution at the home of the British F1 Grand Prix.

Deployed by leading managed guest WiFi provider and Encapto partner, MyComms, Encapto will provide WiFi user onboarding and engagement across the iconic site.

The partnership takes off (at breakneck speed) this weekend at the track’s biggest event. As engines rev and fumes fill the air, Encapto will bring WiFi to Grand Prix media, guests and campers.

Encapto’s unique tiered access system means the right access for the right user group.

750 media personnel stationed at the International Wing will be able to upload images, text and video as it happens with WiFi speeds as fast as the cars themselves.

1500 VIPs in the Driver’s Lounge and the Silverstone hospitality marquee will enjoy quality branded access for the duration of the event. And separate branded WiFi portals will also be used as part of the user journey at other hospitality areas, including Brooklands and the BDRC clubhouse marquee.

“We required so many different types of access for different user groups,” said Nick Boby of MyComms, “as well as multiple user journeys for the different stakeholders.”

“Encapto was the only product that would meet Silverstone’s needs.”

A separate login will be provided for campers in the BDRC members camping area with additional access extended also to the adjacent Woodlands campsite.

In total more than 20,000 visitors will have access over the weekend.

The deal marks a significant milestone in Encapto’s continuing success in the events sector.

“It’s down to the flexibility of Encapto to manage different competing demands,” said Chris Evans, Encapto’s EMEA Sales Director. “And also our event licensing makes short term scaling up of the network an affordable proposition.”

The F1 British Grand Prix takes place at Silverstone from the 14th to the 16th of July.

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