March 9, 2018

Last week saw the successful launch of Telstra’s Air Merchant product, powered by Encapto and delivering value to both Telstra and its merchant customers.

Australia’s largest telco has made a significant investment in developing Australia’s largest WiFi network – Telstra Air.With hotspots on phone boxes, across municipalities, and even households throughout the country, Telstra Air’s geographic footprint is large and growing.

The problem? Phone boxes, households, and even municipal facilities are not the principal places that people gather.The solution? A WiFi product that would target the places where people do gather: in cafés, bars, and other retail outlets, delivering crucial footprint for Telstra and a value add service that owners and managers can extend to their customers.

The Encapto Merchant WiFi solution fits the brief perfectly, enabling the deployment of multiple WiFi networks over the same equipment.For a modest monthly fee Telstra’s merchant clients can extend a branded free WiFi service to their customers and engage with them via social media and email.It makes a compelling proposition that enables Telstra to extend the reach of Telstra Air into the places that matter.

The smooth operation of the system comes courtesy of Encapto’s partnership with Cisco-Meraki.The Encapto orchestration engine provisions WiFi Access Points (APs) in both the Meraki Cloud and the Encapto platform itself.Provisioning and dispatching a new AP is a one-touch process at the distributor and zero touch for Telstra.

Check out the Telstra Air Merchant Product and Telstra’s Press Release.

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