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Why we are in business

Today, technology can make or break a business. Big enterprise, small and medium businesses alike face the same IT challenges, risks and needs. However, navigating and managing this complex world is particularly difficult for SMBs because they often do not have access to IT capabilities or resources.

At Encapto, we believe every business, no matter the size, should have access to enterprise-grade managed services to fuel and protect their core business. We see a world where the IT complexities of running businesses are reduced, and where SMBs have easy choices when it comes to buying and managing IT services.

Our story

As the internet has grown, so have we. The Encapto team began our journey in 2005 as an internet kiosk provider, and by 2011 evolved into managed WiFi services. As a managed service provider, we struggled to find a solution that would enable us to bundle and manage multi-service offerings across our different customer verticals. So we built our own managed service platform, which has become the core of our product offering today.